Ortal Pelleg-Playing and Being


Hi and welcome, the drive for my work is to make players a pan that will offer a deep musical sound experience and develop their playing skills naturally and harmoniously. 


Here bellow are videos of a few instruments, the latest from top to older ones on the bottom of the page,It’s recommended to hear the sound with a decent pair of speakers or headphones.

To get more details about options for 2016, sign up bellow and you will get an email with information from me.

Thank you and enjoy your visit :)

F/ Ab C Db Eb F G Ab C

D/ A B C D E F G A

D/ A C D E F G A C

D/ A C D E F G A-

D/ A C D# E F# G A-

D/ A Bb C# D E F A-

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D/A Bb C D E F A -

D/A Bb C D Eb G A -

D/ A B C D E F# A-

D/ A B C# D E F# A

D/ A B C D E F A

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